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 Rules you NEED to follow

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The Squishy Crew

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PostSubject: Rules you NEED to follow   20th April 2015, 18:27

The Rules Are:
1. No Spamming, There have been some issues with spammers the first couple of days of starting the forums and we introduced changed like: Can't post link without a certain number of posts. So please no spam!
2. No Inappropriate Topics/Posts, This is pretty general, I don't feel I need to tell you guys what an inappropriate post is, if you see an inappropriate post please report it and forums staff with take care of it.
3. No Bogus Reports, Filing a report is for inappropriate topics/posts only! DON'T USE IT TO START A CHAT!
4. Respect others and don't treat them like CRAP.


As for rules for the Chatbox:
1. No Spam, Spam is not tolerated on the forums, and the Chatbox will be no different, if you spam your account will be warned and possibly banned! BE AWARE!
2. Be Courteous, This should be the same as the forums, be courteous, just treat others how you wanted to be treated, if you don't expect to be warned or banned!
3. No clogging the Chatbox, If you have a technical question that is not a yes/no answer, please start a new topic in community TECH SUPPORT, someone will help you there.
4. Most importantly Have Fun & Chat, The purpose of the shoutbox is to be more of a live feed, to interact with Members, and regular forum members, also the Chatbox is BBCode, regular BBCode for links and more work! Enjoy!

!!Never provide your password to anyone!!
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Rules you NEED to follow
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