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 About Our Forum

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PostSubject: About Our Forum   10th January 2017, 11:05

It's unlikely that anyone will read this, but if you are which you would have to be doing to get this far in the sentence. Well Done!

The Squishy Forum is for any gaming and film fanatics to share thoughts and opinions on any of our topics. Here you will also find a helpful community to help with any of your computing needs Very Happy .

As you can see, above there is a a strip of red sub-menu buttons:

Like a Star @ heaven Forum - Takes you to the homepage where there is a live chat with other online members. There is also a long list of forum threads that you can browse through and participate in.
Like a Star @ heaven Calendar - A full page calendar which displays any upcoming events and birthdays. You can navigate through the calendar using the 2 drop-downs at the top of the page stating the month and year displayed.
Like a Star @ heaven Gallery - Displays any images or videos uploaded by members of the Squishy Community. (Excludes video links).
Like a Star @ heaven FAQ - Fairly self-explanatory but just to summarise its where you go if you have any issues that you would like solved. As usual with a frequently asked questions page there is a list of any common questions.
Like a Star @ heaven Search - Search brings up a box where you can type key words to find anything on this site.
Like a Star @ heaven Member - Here you can find any of our members, defaulted to show the most recently active members. Here you can also private message anyone. (No unnecessary comments or temporary ban)
Like a Star @ heaven Groups - Here you can find any current groups, feel free to request to join a group. Our official group is "The Squishy Crew" but feel free to join or even create a group of your own.
Like a Star @ heaven Profile - This is your page. Here you can edit you profile information, choose your friends and foes, and most importantly change your profile picture.
Like a Star @ heaven PM - This is where you can private message any member of The Squishy Forums. (Consequences apply)

Lastly I would like to say that this Forum is part of a network of sites that built up around the YouTube channel owned by Mr Squishy. Feel free to PM him about videos you would like to see in the near future.
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About Our Forum
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