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 y niggas gotta be firing out here

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PostSubject: y niggas gotta be firing out here   29th September 2017, 21:57

yo what dese guys doing out here bein depressed an shit shooting up vros in the hood what dat song war what is it good 4 Arrow Arrow ABSOLUTELY NUTIN (nt nuttin on hoes but like the der aint nothing there) where yall buy guns and shitt too that just aint on fam also drugzzz cant be the cure to happynes mayne u gota get out and find your sol mates mayn drugz aint gon walk pas wit hapyness in a bag to take home wit u yall dum me n my moms is tired of all dem gangzz and shi so we organise a bigg fuck off bake sale for yal ass even if you dont want cakes jus stop by for a quik chat we will be happy 2 chat to u even iff it bout silly shi 2 make u chuckel i atached a funy maaymay 2 show u tat we funy nigas yall feel me my liver dialisis machine jus brok so im probs gon die lol lol! talk 2 yall vros l8r Exclamation
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y niggas gotta be firing out here
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