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The Squishy Crew

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PostSubject: LCPDFR Mods   21st April 2015, 16:00

There are 3 really good GTA 4 LCPDFR mods site:

4) The ENB I'm currently using is the EyeCandy V3 made by Polecat324

Police Mods:-

1) LCPD First Response 1.0d:
2) ELS V8:
3) vdH Police Helper:
4) vdH Tow Script:
5) vdH Coroner (medical examiner):
6) Bravehearts Policing Script:
7) Bravehearts ALPR:
8 ) VP Call outs:
9) FDLC Script:
10) Breathalyser Script:
12) Sp4s12s NewCallouts 0.1.3:
13) IVDashCam 2.2.1:
14) Radar Script:
15) Wouters Callouts v1.1:
16) vdH K-9 Script 1.0.0:
17) Speed Reader Radar:


1) GTA IV Google Map Radar:
37) Google Maps Radar In Night Mode V2.5:
2) HD Road Textures:
3) Road Textures by
4) Route 66 Map by nine30:
5) The ENB I'm currently using is an iCEnhancer 3.0:
PoleCat 324's EyeCandy V3 can be found in any of his videos.

Double Doppler is an amazing British modder that also makes things for the map.

Models (Peds/Cars/Weapons):-

5) ASP Baton:
6) GTA V Nightstick:
7) HK USP 45 with Working Flashlight v2.5:
8 ) Road textures (the gtxd.IMG): download/jbxrosmmn0tke66/
9) GTA IV Snow Mod 2.0:
10) vdH Vanilla Cars Textures MegaPack v.1.2:
11) Liberty County Police:
12) Liberty Highway Patrol Mega Pack:
13) Liberty County Sheriff Dept.:
14) GTAV Police/Sheriff car packs with Liberty City Textures are at by yard1
All other car mods that I use the links will be here.



1) Skorpro Break Light Mod:
2) GTATerminal Fuel Mod v1:
3) Open iv 2.1:
4) Traffic Flow: V5
5) Chikamru Real Traffic:
6) Door Ajar Chime:
7) First Person Mod v1.1:
8 ) LessOvertake Script: (might not work)
9) Spotlight script (link is dead probably because took it down)
10) Spark iv:
11) Indicator Script 1.0:
12) Simple Native Trainer:


1) Battlefield 3 Weapon Sound Mod:
2) Weapon Sound Mod v2.0:
3) Urban Warfare Realism Sound Mod:
4) Real Gunsounds Mod: download/acpiae161rm2s37/GTA+IV+Real+Gunsounds+Mod.rar
5) Mastercom B Siren:
6) Powercall DX5200:
7) LAPD Federal Signal Smart Siren by Sgt. Kanyo:
8 ) GTA IV Real Gunsounds Mod: download/acpiae161rm2s37/GTA+IV+Real+Gunsounds+Mod.rar

For British mods, mainly Mett Police, go here to Double Dopplers Channel, he also makes static british equipment i.e. road signs etc.
For American Police Codes go here...
For British Police Codes go here...
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